May 14, 2012

Before and After... Main Bedroom

In my very first week of blogging, I posted that "work has been underway for six months now and several rooms are nearing completion". In retrospect, that comment lay somewhere between highly optimistic and slightly delusional. Eighteen months on, and with a greatly enhanced awareness of the realities of renovating, we are (finally) ready for our first Chambers Before & After (sincere thanks for your patience lovely readers!).

The image above shows the main bedroom on the day we moved in, complete with awkward rectangular window, external door and the fondly named 'spew carpet' that took us almost twelve months to replace. Here is the bedroom today...

I like a bedroom to be simple, understated and serene, with a neutral palette. Our pets are prized residents, so a custom dog bed was essential for Georgia the Corgi. Belly the Ragdoll previously slept on the black velvet armchair until our cleaner banned her last month. Now she hops straight on the bed and uses Farmer Joe's feet as a pillow.

Also, if anyone knows where I can source a clear Edison filament globe with a screw fitting, please let me know (the pendant light just doesn't look quite right without it).

I'm always happy to share my sources, so here's a list if you are interested:
Upholstered headboard: Interiors Online
Bedside tables, lamps, pendant light, clock, picture frame, marble bowl: One Rundle Trading Co
Chest of drawers, black velvet armchair, black velvet pillow: Laura Ashley
Hurricane lanterns, metal ampersand: Two Pairs Homewares
Custom dog bed: Ada & Darcy
If there's anything I've missed out, please email me.

Sleep tight!

May 8, 2012

Loving... My Monogrammed Dodocase

I have to confess... I've been neglecting the blogosphere in favour of hours spent with my new iPad. As a first-time iPad owner, I've gotten a little carried away with the joy of evenings spent shopping online from the comfort of the lounge, with a roaring fire and a glass of wine. (It's done nothing to benefit the bank balance, of course). So I was very fussy when selecting a cover for my new technological accessory. I found everything I wanted in a personalised DODOcase. As a self-confessed 'Queen of Beige', I selected a sand-coloured linen-look cover with simple gold foil monogramming. If you're not as colour-shy as me, DODOcase have some stunning bright hues in their range, including the appealingly named 'Poppy', 'Meadow' and 'Sunrise'. Most of all, I just love the contrast between the traditional charm of hard-cover book binding and the modern new technology inside. You can check out DODOcase {here}.