October 30, 2012

Halloween on Chambers

Okay, so I completely forgot to take photos of the Halloween party. Between the 220 cocktails and 10 kgs of hot food, I was a little busy in the kitchen. So I'm making do with a few blurry iPhone shots and a couple I snapped on Sunday after the clean-up (sorry!). The party was a hit, my candy jars survived an enthusiastic onslaught by the local kids, and we managed to make many a middle-aged farmer dress in Halloween costume.

Now, I'll just take a little breather before Christmas planning starts...


  1. You both loom great!

    Sounds like a fabulous party.


  2. Well done Brooke!!! love it. yep. pack away the pumpkins, christmas is coming at a rapid rate!!!! x

  3. Fantastic Brooke! I've been waiting for the pics. I wished you lived in my area. xx

  4. So impressed B! Looks amazing and lots of fun :)

    Abbey x


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